Monday, 23 June 2008

Royalty Free Tango Music CD - Volume 1 proudly presents its latest Royalty Free Music CD release: This latest release is an original compilation of music in the Tango dance genre. All ten tracks were composed and performed by the very talented William E Peklinsky, BMI. All ten pieces feature several themes and are played in several different keys with differing tempos.

Tango is a musical dance that originates from Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the latter part of the nineteenth century and more precisely the Spanish /Italian immigrant communities. It took on fast and soon became very popular, spreading to Europe, particularly Paris and London before being introduced to New York before the onset of the First World War. The Tango dance is well known for its sensual and passionate qualities, usually exhibiting sexual overtones:

Photo: The Street of Buenos Aires (Tango) I - Copyright: Romain Donadio

Fast and slow tempos have been applied to this Dance which was typically in a 2/4 or 4/4 time signature. Tango dance and its music, although going in and out of style in the twentieth century, remains a popular dance and music genre all over the World today.'s Tango Music CD - Volume 1 is professional production music/ background music for use in media production such as commercial and corporate film, television, radio, websites, pod casts and video games.


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